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Its most striking aspect is its spindle-shaped tall towers, a total of 18, a number of which, including the ones dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to Christ have still to be constructed.The plan of the church is set out as a Latin cross and has five aisles with the central nave having a height of 45 metres.The sculptures were begun in 1987 and are at three levels they depict scenes from Christs last night before the crucifixion, Calvary and his death, burial and the resurrection.The largest and most striking facades will be the Glory Faade.Sagrada Famlia or the church of The Holy Family is sometimes referred to as Gaudis Cathedral after the architect who gave it its unique design, Antoni Gaudi; although it is not a cathedral.

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The faade also has three porticos which are supported by six large and inclined columns, and four towers dedicated to the apostles James, Thomas, Philip and Bartholomew, these were completed in 1976.

There is a strong contemporary rock-n-roll scene with some night clubs in Barcelona open until 6 am on weekends. Driving in Barcelona is dangerous with an accident occurring in the city every 19 seconds. The city has more than 320 acres dedicated to pedestrians. April 23rd is Saint Georges Day (), the national festival day in Barcelona and throughout the Catalonia region.

On this day, Catalonians give their loved ones roses and books, similar to Valentine’s Day.

He died in 1926 after being hit by a tram and is buried in the Crypt of the Sagrada Famlia.

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When completed the Church will have three faades; the Nativity faade was constructed between 18 and has three porticos, Hope, Faith and Charity.

While Spanish is spoken more frequently, Catalan is understood by 95 percent of Barcelona residents. Barcelona has a Mediterranean climate with mild, humid winters and warm, dry summers. Each year, 8 million tourists visit Barcelona, making it Europe’s third most-visited city after London and Paris. With its key location on the Mediterranean Sea, the Port of Barcelona is Europe’s largest cruise port, with approximately 3.6 million cruisers passing through the port each year. The Barcelona Maritime Museum is located in the historic Barcelona Royal Shipyard, a former military building dating to the 13 century, with a Roman graveyard found underneath that structure. There are two stories about the founding of Barcelona.